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Madman Has Some Stocking Filler Suggestions for you

Tis the season again - unbelievably, with Halloween dispensed with as an ineffectual festive speedbump before the real business of Christmas hits the high streets. It can be a stressful time for gifters and giftees. Over the course of my pre-pubescence I found copies of Tom Brown's Schooldays waiting under the tree on at least three occasions. That was a book that just boomeranged back every year.
Unwanted Christmas gifts
It was the gift that they wouldn't stop giving...
 So it is good to see that Madman have a selection of titles to tickle the fancy of kids and parental units to choose from, listed below. 

As you may now, we here at Momus HQ are big fans of Adventure Time and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which are great gifts for both kids and your disaffected twentysomething types busy rediscovering their childhood. - which is the tldr version of what this chap describes, quite brilliantly.

Transformers: Prime is also available - speaking of nostalgia it is great to see that Transformers is still a thing - as well as further collections of the phenomenally successful Ben 10.

For mater, pater, and the other older folk in your lives, there is plenty on offer as well. First up, the entire This Is England series, including Shane Meadows' compelling film with that terrifying young actor Thomas Turgoose, as well as the follow-up television series This Is England ’86 and This Is England ’88. Frankly Meadows managed to capture the feeling of living through the 80's incredibly well, with a sense of drama and hints of realism blended so well the project could be a companion piece of sorts to Alex Cox's Sid And Nancy

If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, have a look at the U.K. Classic Crime Collection which features Jonathan Creek, Bergerac and Miss Marple, perfect telly to watch with a cup of tea and biscuit.

See the full list below and have a perusal over on the Madman site. Merry festive Shopping Season everyone. 

Madman DVDs for children at Christmas

 Kids fare.  

-          Adventure Time - The Complete First Season (SRP $29.95 DVD): What time is it? It's time for the ADVENTURE TIME - THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON DVD. The Cartoon Network Emmy-nominated series that centres on the surreal, post-apocalyptic adventures of Finn, a human boy with a funny hat, and his friend Jake, a magic and mischievous dog. This DVD includes all 26 episodes from Season 1, special collectable DVD packaging and tons of special features. This is a must-have for any ADVENTURE TIME fan.

-          Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Vol 8 (SRP $19.95 DVD): In the thrilling final volume of BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN, Julie surprises everyone by joining a fanatical group that worships Vilgax, and Dr Amino soon returns, forcing Ben to confront him as an all-new alien. There are even more bad guys waiting for Ben when his old enemy Dagon closes in, followed by the re-emergence of Vilgax in his most powerful form yet. Can Ben stop them both and avoid the ultimate ending?

-          Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United (SRP $19.95 DVD): Two of Cartoon Network’s biggest heroes team up for this special event! When a mysterious rift appears over Manhattan, Rex is on the scene to see if there is trouble coming. However when Humungosaur comes from the clouds, Rex gets a bit more than he bargained for! Rex begins battling it out with the Vaxasaurian in Central Park, not realising that Humungosaur is actually Ben Tennyson! Ben soon discovers he's in an alternate dimension and that he and Rex must team up to overcome their combined foes.

-          My Little Pony; Friendship Is Magic (Vol 5) - Best Friends Forever (SRP $19.95 DVD): In the fifth and final volume of the first series of MY LITTLE PONY; FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, the ponies are starting to learn that good friends are like ‘cutie marks’: sometimes they can be hard to find but once you get them, they're with you always and forever. The ponies know all about the power of friendship: having best friends has changed their lives and they all love each other very much. So what's the best way to celebrate with friends? Attending the biggest party of the year, the Grand Galloping Gala. But will the Gala live up to their expectations?

-          Regular Show - Slack Pack (SRP $19.95 DVD): If you like ADVENTURE TIME, you’ll love the hilarious slacker antics in Cartoon Network’s new series, REGULAR SHOW. Two groundskeepers, Mordecai (a 6 foot tall blue jay) and Rigby (a hyperactive raccoon) are best friends who spend their days trying to entertain themselves by any means necessary, much to the displeasure of their boss, Benson (a gumball machine) and to the delight of Pops (an older, lollipop-headed gentleman).

-          Transformers: Prime (Vol 5) - One Shall Fall, One Shall Rise (SRP $19.95 DVD): In this epic final volume of the first season of TRANSFORMERS: PRIME, Megatron is attempting to enact an ancient Cybertronian prophecy. But while the planet in the prophecy was long thought to be Cybertron, the Autobots come to the realisation that was actually Earth all along. In their pursuit to stop Megatron, the Autobots finally discover the source of Dark Energon and it will shake the world to its very core.

-          Cartoon Network Presents 8 Christmas Crackers! (SRP $14.95 DVD):  Deck the halls with lots of laughs and get ready to ring in the festive season with eight Christmas episodes of your favourite Cartoon Network shows and characters – including BEN 10, JOHNNY BRAVO, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS and more. Your Christmas cheer-o-meter will be cranked so high after seeing this DVD that you might want to change your first name to Rudolph!

-          Transformers: Prime - Season One Collection (SRP $69.95 BD): The complete season one in high-definition! It has been three years since the Decepticons last attacked Earth and there is a sense of uneasy calm on Earth. Optimus Prime and the Autobots know that it is not a matter of if but when they attack again, and soon enough, they are drawn into a sudden and epic battle - exposing them to three human teenagers, whom they must also protect on top of saving the world from Megatron and the Decepticons.

Madman Christmas DVDs

Adults & Teens

-          Paul Kelly – Stories of Me (SRP $29.95 DVD / $34.95 BD): This intimate documentary charts the remarkable life of one of Australia’s most gifted and beloved singer-songwriters. For almost 40 years, in over 350 songs, Paul Kelly has been mapping out the Australian landscape and its people. For the first time in a feature length film, the man behind the music is revealed, as Kelly speaks candidly about the people who have helped shape his life and music.

 -          Bernie (SRP $29.95 DVD / $34.95 BD): In the tiny town of Carthage, assistant funeral director Bernie Tiede (Jack Black) is one of the town’s most beloved residents. When Bernie befriends Marjorie Nugent (Shirley MacLaine), a sour yet affluent older widow, the two become inseparable – and Marjorie, increasingly dependent. As Bernie’s extroverted personality becomes stifled, we realise that even the nicest guys can be pushed too far.

 -          A Royal Affair (SRP $34.95 DVD / $39.95 BD): In 1766, Denmark is ruled by fear and oppression. Caroline Mathilde is married to the mad King Christian VII, who ignores and humiliates her. When the King introduces Struensee (Mads Mikkelson), the new royal physician, Queen Caroline finds an unexpected political ally. Their attraction is initially one of shared beliefs about how Denmark should be governed, but it soon blossoms into a passionate affair. Together, they start a revolution.

-          360 (SRP $29.95 DVD / $34.95 BD): From a simple decision made by one man – to remain faithful to his wife – springs a series of events which ripple around the globe with dramatic consequences, eventually returning 360o to the place of his initial decision. From uplifting, beautiful and romantic moments through to desperate, confused and conflicted interludes, each protagonist in 360 has their own vivid, entertaining, funny, tragic narrative as their stories weave and intertwine across the globe. Featuring Academy Award winners Anthony Hopkins and Rachel Weisz as well as Academy Award nominee Jude Law and rising star Ben Foster, 360 shows that we’re all truly connected.

-          Alien Deep (SRP $29.95 DVD / $34.95 BD): As the discoverer of the wreck of the Titanic, Bob Ballard believes the tough job of shining a light into the abyss has only just begun. The oceans cover 71% of the planet – a mere 5% of which has been explored. In that 5%, Ballard has found the Titanic, the Bismarck, the carrier Yorktown and entirely new forms of life. Just think of what’s waiting for us in the remaining 95%!

-          Metalocalypse: Season 4 (SRP $34.95 DVD / $34.95 BD): As the prophecy foretold, they licked their wounds and returned from the air to the earth. Brutality wields its uncomfortable death-hammer in the fourth season of METALOCALYPSE. Excruciating horrors loom, waiting for the right moment to crush us all into a smooth repugnant paste, with very few lumps. Experience the lurking blackness of dating, the waking death of flying economy and much more. Will our beloved Dethlok survive these deathly trails or will they perish like a flaming serpent cast down by Odin? The METALOCALYPSE indeed looms nearer.

-          This is England: The 80s Collection (SRP $69.95 DVD):  Collected for the first time are all three of Shane Meadows’ award-winning releases - THIS IS ENGLAND the movie, THIS IS ENGLAND ’86 and THIS IS ENGLAND ’88 the TV series’. Set against the back drop of Thatcher’s Britain, unemployment figures rose, Youth Training Schemes fell and the kids refused to toe the factory line and spilled out onto the streets. This compelling and award winning series follows the lives of a group of disenfranchised ‘80’s youth!

-          U.K. Classic Crime Collection: It’s time for crime again with the U.K. Classic Crime Collection. Featuring introductory volumes - available at a limited time low price - from these unequalled sleuths, on the case and sure to excite every crime drama lover. The collection includes Miss Marple (RRP $19.95), Bergerac (RRP $24.95), Campion (RRP $19.95), Dangerfield (RRP $19.95), Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (RRP $19.95), The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries (RRP $19.95), Jonathan Creek (RRP $19.95), The Mrs Bradley Mysteries (RRP $19.95), Paul Temple (RRP $19.95) and Midsomer Murders (RRP $19.95).features.


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