Thursday, 24 January 2013

Capgras Corner - The Matrix vs Oblivion

The tv spot for Joseph Kosinski's follow-up to the disappointing Tron: Legacy (despite that amazing soundtrack and Jeff Bridges channeling his inner-Dude), a comic book adaptation from Radical Studios titled Oblivion starring Tom Cruise, has been released.

Oddly enough the trailer - posted below - reminds me of another sci-fi hit film from a while back.

Oblivion Tom Cruise Joseph Kosinski
I know, I'm shocked too
The Matrix took audiences by surprise in 1999, a perfect mish-mash of hard sci-fi themes and pre-millenial tension, it launched a whole new film franchise while taking on the Star Wars behemoth, and won the first battle! Diminishing returns eventually did set in, but I always had a certain fondness for how the Wachowskis refused to give audiences a definitive happy ending with Revolutions, making it clear that a détente at best had been achieved. 

At any rate, The Matrix introduced audiences to Neo (Keanu 'Whoa' Reeves), a hacker with a mindless cubicle-prison dayjob who discovers the world he knows is a lie, a virtual contruct, when he encounters the sage badass Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). He joins a revolutionary cabal of humans freed from the Matrix and at war with an endless army of machines, eventually becoming their saviour.

Let's have a look at Oblivion so.

Now I have heard that there are only 6 plots in existence, but come now, some of those shots are very familiar. Morgan Freeman's mentor figure is even wearing shades like Morpheus and in a quick shot can be seen operating a Mecha like the defenders of Zion led by Nathaniel Lees in Revolutions.

Oblivion is an adaptation of a comic from Radical Studios, which as it happens operates with an interesting gameplan designed to ferry each book they publish through to a film adaptation. This makes for something of an ironic echo when compared to The Matrix, as Grant Morrison has often commented on how copies of The Invisibles were apparently referred to during the making of that film, which does bare something of a resemblance to his hodge-podge counter-culture series.

For all its explosions and whizz-bangery though this film looks like a snoozefest, whether or not it happens to be a derivative one or not. Pretty, but pointless.

No someone hurry up and make a film of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.


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